Frequently asked questions

Can I create custom report templates within Ranplan Products and if so how?

Yes, users can create their own custom layouts for reports within Ranplan Products. For detailed information on how to do this please refer to the user documentation for the relevant software package.

Given the 3D rendering capabilities of Ranplan Professional, does this have an impact upon the hardware requirements for example, is a dedicated graphics card required to run the software?

No special hardware is required to run BuildNet Professional and DAS as Open-GL is used for the 3D rendering.

Is there an easier way to switch between the ‘select’ and ‘hand’ tools manually?

Yes, you can use the middle mouse button to switch between the ‘select’ and ‘hand’ tools. If you start on the ‘select’ tool pressing and holding down the middle mouse button will switch to the ‘hand’ tool allowing you to pan around the working area easily, when the middle mouse button is no longer pressed down the cursor will default back to the ‘select’ tool.

When drawing the building design is it possible to snap walls being drawn to right-angles to speed and neaten up the process?

You can enter orthogonal mode when drawing walls, doors, windows and polygon regions by selecting the drawing tool for the relevant element and holding down the SHIFT key on your keyboard, releasing the SHIFT key will return you to freestyle drawing mode.

I want to modify the style of the cables in my system design so they are right-angled, is this possible?

Yes, this is possible and can be achieved by utilizing the ‘Cable Styles’ function located in the ‘Layout’ tab when under the ‘Network’ view.

Where can I find my license information?

License information can be accessed via the Ranplan Global License Server (GLS) end user portal and is referred to as ‘Entitlement Information’. Each ‘Entitlement’ maps directly to an Ranplan license key.

How can I access the Global License Server (GLS) end user portal?

The Ranplan Global License Server (GLS) can be accessed using the following link (ranplan.flexnetoperations). To log in to this portal you will need a username and password which is issued via automated email when you purchase a license or start a trial of the software. This automated email will be sent from

Where/how can I access the download package for the latest versions of Ranplan?

The latest versions of Ranplan Professional, DAS and Tablet can be downloaded from the ‘Downloads’ section of your account on the GLS end user portal. Please note that you will only have access to the install packages for which you have license keys.

How can I view who is using my license key?

License usage information can be viewed in the ‘Devices’ tab of the Ranplan Global License Server (GLS) end user portal. Under the ‘Devices’ tab you will be able to see the username, device name and device ID of the piece of equipment each license key is currently deployed on.

When using a floating license key how do I check this back into the license pool?

To check a floating license key back into the license pool please follow the steps below:

  1. Left lick on the ‘Project’ button to open the project menu.
  2. Navigate to ‘Help’ on the ‘Project’ menu
  3. Under your license information select ‘Release License’ to release the license back into the license pool. Please note that this will prompt you to save your current project and close the application.
How do I run model tuning/calibration even when measurement data is present in the project?

The access point, small cell or signal source must be given the same unique identifier as is present in the measurement logs for example, the unique identifier in Wi-Fi measurement data is the MAC address. The unique identifier allows the tool to correlate data contained within the measurement data logs with the location of the access point, small cell or signal source placed in the Ranplan project file.

How accurate is the default propagation model used in Ranplan?

Under general circumstances the 3D ray-tracing model is accurate to within 6dB RMS error of the measured scenario and this has been independently verified.

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