Address the growing demand

With 80% of mobile data already consumed indoors there is a growing demand for seamless anytime, anywhere network coverage, leading to a real need for indoor wireless networks to handle increased capacity and delivery the quality of experience demanded by customers.

Ranplan Professional is the most accurate HetNet RF indoor design tool capable of keeping pace with growing coverage and capacity complexities presented by 5G and the Internet of Things.

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City landscape
City landscape
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Customer value

  • Fast design and 3D modelling capability
  • Fully customisable reports supporting multiple languages
  • Comprehensive materials database for simulating building environment
  • Continually managed and configurable vendor device database supporting all wireless technologies and standards such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G Wi-Fi, IoT and public safety (Tetra P25)
  • Accuracy assured by multi-resolution, true 3D ray-tracing model for both coverage and capacity
  • Support of MIMO
  • Capability of modelling outdoor to indoor and indoor to outdoor interference analysis
  • Support for complex environments such as tunnels, subways, and stadiums

Discover how Ranplan In-Building can help you achieve high-performance network designs and significant cost savings

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