Ranplan Tablet

Automate site survey and in-building network designs

Ranplan Tablet makes it easy for onsite RF engineers to produce in-building site surveys, run coverage performance predictions and rapidly generate quotations and bills of materials when planning networks. 

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The ideal onsite survey tool for RF engineers or technicians

Ranplan Tablet easily and quickly captures building information and measurements to start the process of planning a network and helping equipment vendors and system integrators to rapidly win bids from operators.

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Accelerate network delivery

Ranplan Tablet is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that enables technicians to quickly gather site information to begin the in-building network design process. The enhanced interface and Intelligent Design Module help even users with limited RF planning or optimisation knowledge to quickly and accurately collect site data that can be used to create an initial network design. Information collected can be seamlessly shared with other team members using Ranplan Professional or Ranplan Collaboration Hub for greater analysis. 

  • Tablet-based site survey RF planning and installation tool
  • Easily import data from multi-vendor test and measurement tool
  • Create annotations in text, image, audio and video formats
  • Intelligent Design Module for Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G (LTE), 5G, IoT and Public Safety network design
  • Supports multi-building environments
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Test onsite coverage and optimise preliminary in-building designs

Once the building data has been collected and the building model created, Ranplan Tablet helps users ensure their network designs meet the required KPIs. By creating target and candidate regions, users can define a set of coverage KPIs and even order zones by priority, distinguishable by colour. The RF capacity and coverage heatmaps help users visualise the predicted network performance based on defined KPIs, ensuring that only necessary equipment is deployed. 

  • Generates statistics and analytics based on measurement data
  • Rapid generation of onsite coverage and capacity
  • RF design and optimisation for HetNet environments
  • Supports designs for active and passive DAS, small cells and Wi-Fi
  • Generates equipment list and cost reports
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Pre-sales and one-click reporting

A variety of reports can be generated to easily validate a proposed system design and integrate it as part of the project bidding process by producing quotes and sales estimates. 

  • Fast generation of floor plans, system design schematics and SPE heatmaps
  • Quick quotations and bills of materials
  • Access to predefined data templates for costs and regulatory requirements
  • Fully interoperable with Ranplan Professional and Collaboration Hub

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Ranplan Tablet frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you are looking for below? Visit our full library of FAQs for more information or get in touch if you still need help.

Can I create custom report templates within Ranplan Products and if so how?

Yes, users can create their own custom layouts for reports within Ranplan Products. For detailed information on how to do this please refer to the user documentation for the relevant software package.

Where can I find my license information?

License information can be accessed via the Ranplan Global License Server (GLS) end user portal and is referred to as ‘Entitlement Information’. Each ‘Entitlement’ maps directly to an Ranplan license key.

How do I run model tuning/calibration even when measurement data is present in the project?

The access point, small cell or signal source must be given the same unique identifier as is present in the measurement logs for example, the unique identifier in Wi-Fi measurement data is the MAC address. The unique identifier allows the tool to correlate data contained within the measurement data logs with the location of the access point, small cell or signal source placed in the Ranplan project file.

What types of performance prediction (prediction plots) can be generated by Ranplan products?

Most major 5G NR, LTE, GSM, WCDMA and Wi-Fi systems.

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