Why us?

Experience the cutting-edge technology of our software solutions and revolutionize the design, optimization, and automation of wireless networks both indoors and outdoors. Join the growing number of organizations benefiting from our advanced tools and take your wireless network to the next level.

We foster a strong collaborative relationship with our customers and industry experts to gain a comprehensive understanding of their unique challenges. By leveraging their insights, we continuously enhance and optimize our network planning tool to empower engineers with even greater capabilities.

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Fully independent

What makes us different?

As an independent and neutral player in the wireless ecosystem, Ranplan Wireless offers an unbiased and precise representation of wireless infrastructure performance through our advanced software solutions.

Our research and development team comprises some of the most passionate and inquisitive minds, harnessing the latest in computer science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to elevate the quality, performance and boundaries of wireless network engineering.

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Ranplan Professional

Ranplan Professional is our flagship software that stands out as the market’s only true HetNet (indoor and outdoor) planning tool. Our software is uniquely equipped with efficient 3D modelling, a comprehensive database of network devices, and advanced optimization modules, making it the perfect solution for tackling complex wireless network planning challenges with ease and precision.

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“With Ranplan software for indoor planning, we are extending our comprehensive portfolio for wireless network operators, especially in the private and critical communication sector, the partnership with Ranplan Wireless will furthermore strengthen our role as a true one-stop-shop for public and private network operators as well as telecommunications regulators.”
Roland Götz
Chief Operational Officer of LS telcom
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Become a Ranplan Reseller

Our resellers include systems integrators, network operators, neutral host providers, value-added resellers and consulting companies, all respected for their expertise within the telecommunications industry. Whether you’re a customer seeking a partner or a company interested in joining our reseller's program contact us today and discover what Ranplan Wireless can do for your network requirements.

Get in touch to find out how Ranplan solutions can help you reduce your CAPEX/OPEX spend by up to 30%

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