Fully comprehensive design

With the ever-growing complexity of 4G and 5G networks, indoor designs can no longer be designed in isolation. RF Designers need to consider both the interference from outdoor wireless networks and the impact of indoor leakage into the outdoor environment.

Ranplan Professional is a true 5G HetNet planning tool that allows designers to plan indoor networks in coordination with the existing macro network.

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Customer Value

  • 3D visualisation of the interaction between macro & in-building networks
  • Realistic interference modelling based on both real world and predicted data
  • Visualise penetration of macro network within the building and vice versa
  • Support for all standard GIS data formats
  • Powerful analytical tool to help guide infrastructure investment
  • Interoperability with range of outdoor planning tools

Discover how Ranplan Professional can help you achieve accurate network design and significant cost savings

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