Network Planning

What is a HetNet?

A HetNet, or Heterogeneous Network, refers to the integration of various network types, including radio access networks, macro sites, in-building wireless systems, and Wi-Fi, to establish a unified and efficient network infrastructure. HetNets enhance network coverage while also lowering power consumption and improving spectral efficiency.

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Demand-ready HetNets

As the demand for digital connectivity continues to grow, HetNet offers a pathway to enhanced coverage, increased capacity, and improved quality of service for users. With HetNet, we can anticipate quicker download and upload speeds, reduced congestion, and an overall superior user experience. In this era of escalating connectivity demands, HetNet continues to play a vital role in meeting our ever-expanding communication needs.

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HetNet networks

Fully comprehensive network design

With the ever-growing complexity of 4G and 5G networks, indoor designs can no longer be designed in isolation. RF Designers must consider both the interference from outdoor wireless networks and the impact of indoor leakage into the outdoor environment. Ranplan Professional is a true HetNet planning tool that allows designers to plan indoor networks in coordination with the existing macro network.

How can Ranplan help you design a HetNet?

Discover a plethora of exceptional features with Ranplan's cutting-edge wireless network planning software. This innovative solution offers a comprehensive approach to designing and optimizing your indoor and outdoor wireless network, ensuring seamless connectivity and superior performance

  • 3D Modelling: Harnessing the capabilities of our software, you can effortlessly generate a comprehensive 3D representation of your environment, empowering you to seamlessly strategize and optimize both your indoor and outdoor wireless networks simultaneously.
  • Network Design: By utilizing our extensive range of devices, components, and cabling options, you can effortlessly evaluate multiple manufacturers and configurations, guaranteeing that your HetNet wireless network not only meets your specific performance requirements but also aligns seamlessly with your budgetary constraints.
  • Multi-System Cohesion: Our advanced planning software enables you to seamlessly optimize multiple systems and technologies within a single plan, facilitating efficient coexistence and coordination of diverse wireless services.


  • Intelligent Automation: Our cutting-edge automated modules streamline and optimize the network design process, resulting in significant time savings and the maximization of network performance.
  • Signal Propagation Simulations: Our state-of-the-art software employs advanced 3D ray-tracing simulations to offer you a deep understanding of your network's coverage and capacity capabilities and limitations. These simulations also ensure that your network adheres to all local licensing regulations.
  • Antenna Beam Predictions: Our cutting-edge simulated 2D/3D Massive MIMO antennas, precise beam selection, and advanced beamforming interference calculations provide invaluable insights to optimize network performance and empower informed decision-making when evaluating various vendor equipment options.
  • Customizable Reporting: Our cutting-edge software generates customized reports, allowing for streamlined project management, seamless deployment planning, and real-time updates. This empowers you to stay fully informed about every aspect of your network's performance, ensuring optimal efficiency and success.
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Innovative Network Planning for Diverse Environments

HetNet structures offer a powerful and innovative solution by seamlessly integrating various wireless networks, ensuring flawless coverage and capacity in diverse environments. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, rural or urban, or even in areas with high demand, HetNet networks deliver uninterrupted connectivity, making them the ideal choice for the ever-expanding communication needs of today's world.

HetNet applications

Craft customized indoor and outdoor network solutions to meet the unique demands of different environments:


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