Ranplan In-Building Lite

Cost-effectively design in-building networks for small to medium enterprise projects

Ranplan In-Building Lite is an agile tool that enables RF engineers to significantly reduce the time it takes to design networks for the most challenging environments requiring ubiquitous coverage. 

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The world’s leading in-building network design tool

Ranplan In-Building Lite incorporates all the latest 5G frequencies and technologies to design and optimise indoor wireless coverage.

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Accelerate in-building network delivery

Simplify and speed up the process of designing in-building public safety wireless networks with the Intelligent Topology Optimisation (ITO) module which automatically and efficiently optimises the physical topology of an in-building network.

  • Intelligent Design Modules for passive DAS, small cells, non-fibre based public safety networks
  • Duplicated system design between floors of the same building
  • Automatic cable length measurements
  • Access our large multi-vendor component database to populate your network with verified devices
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Validate indoor coverage prior to deployment

Ensure your in-building network designs will deliver reliable signal strength in times of emergency by using Ranplan’s 3D ray-tracing propagation engine to validate indoor coverage performance prior to physical deployment. This will save time and cost in subsequent upgrades.

  • True 3D ray-tracing propagation engine for predicting wireless coverage inside indoor environments before physical deployment
  • Visualise the indoor wireless coverage on 3D heatmaps to quickly identify not-spots
  • Define candidate and target region Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as signal, throughput and leakage
  • Supports designs for passive DAS, small cells and Wi-Fi networks
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Track project progress and monitor costs

Use the powerful and automatic reporting feature in Ranplan In-Building Lite to gain real-time project information and reports at the simple click of a button. This will help ensure projects remain on track and meet customers’ requirements.  

  • Automated reports providing real-time updates

  • Choose from multiple reports including equipment list, equipment budget report, cable routing, cross-reference and Bill of Materials

  • Evaluate antenna performance with Antenna EIRP and Antenna Link Budget reports

  • Maintain compliance with EMF regulations using the dedicated report

  • Easily print Network System Design and Floor Layout Design documents

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Ranplan In-Building Lite frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you are looking for below? Visit our full library of FAQs for more information or get in touch if you still need help.

When using a floating license key how do I check this back into the license pool?

To check a floating license key back into the license pool please follow the steps below:

  1. Left lick on the ‘Project’ button to open the project menu.
  2. Navigate to ‘Help’ on the ‘Project’ menu
  3. Under your license information select ‘Release License’ to release the license back into the license pool. Please note that this will prompt you to save your current project and close the application.
How do I run model tuning/calibration even when measurement data is present in the project?

The access point, small cell or signal source must be given the same unique identifier as is present in the measurement logs for example, the unique identifier in Wi-Fi measurement data is the MAC address. The unique identifier allows the tool to correlate data contained within the measurement data logs with the location of the access point, small cell or signal source placed in the Ranplan project file.

Can I create my own components in the device database?

Yes, users can create their own custom devices in the device library. To do this a copy of an existing device can be made and modified. Please note that devices may not have the same name as the original and the OEM flag will be removed from copied devices. Furthermore, the device database editor provides a level of version control to assist with the maintenance of custom databases.

How does ‘CAD Import’ in Ranplan differ from the current functionality offered by other suppliers?

The Smart Extract tool within Ranplan takes a much more visual approach to identifying walls, doors, windows, columns and inclined planes with no need to interact with the many layers in the CAD file.

What type of algorithm is used in the optimization modules and what does that mean for me as a user?

The optimization modules (ICO, IAO and IFO) all use heuristic algorithms to determine the results they provide. This means that the optimization modules will attempt to provide the best outcome based upon the restrictions or parameters provided by you, the user.

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