Together, we are advancing the way wireless networks are designed and automated

We pioneer advanced 3D network design software to help an ecosystem of companies efficiently design the next generation of ultra-reliable wireless networks for a range of consumer and industrial applications.

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Perfecting wireless network design

Our solutions are underpinned by world class PhD and MSc researchers with specific interests in mmWave, beamforming, network automation, network optimisation and artificial intelligence. Our R&D and engineering teams are passionate about developing the most innovative solutions that enable our customers to design, validate and deliver new products and services to market in shorter timescales and at lower costs.

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Award winning

Innovative network design software and solutions

Our comprehensive 3D network modelling and visualisation solutions are used to help customers manage the full lifecycle of their wireless network projects. Customers can use our award winning desktop or virtual environments to design, optimise and automate the performance of wireless network projects.

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Quality of Service

Real world design replications

With 80% of mobile communication occurring inside a building, it is vital our customers can predict how a network will perform once deployed in the real world. Our solutions can replicate the in-building and outdoor networks in a virtual environment by running complex radio propagation calculations and producing highly impactful network performance visualisations, with real-world geodata. Our evolutional platform helps our customers evaluate and optimise networks to ensure they deliver the quality of service expected by users.

Corporate Governance

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Our leadership bring management and technological expertise which guide the company to achieve business growth and navigate the complexities of the market. Our cohesive approach enables us to challenge the norm, foster collaborations and develop innovative solutions.   

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Friday 16 February 2024: Annual Statement 2023  

Friday 3 May 2024: Annual General Meeting

Friday 16 August 2024: Interim Report, first half of 2024

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Frequently asked questions

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On what stock market is Ranplan listed?

Ranplan Group AB is listed on the Swedish Nasdaq First North market.

What is the Ranplan ticker symbol?

The company’s ticker symbol is RPLAN and ISIN number SE0011178201.

How do I buy shares in Ranplan?

To buy shares in Ranplan Group AB, contact your bank or stockbroker. Ranplan is listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm Sweden, trading with the ticker RPLAN, ISIN: SE0011178201.


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