5G Private Networks

Industrial communications

Many businesses are joining Industry 4.0 by moving from traditional industrial practices to automated processes powered by smart technologies. The influx of Machine-to-Machine communication, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) puts additional strain on public mobile networks and corporate Wi-Fi networks.

Mobile private networks allow airports, factories, warehouses, ports and many other businesses to create a dedicated secure private wireless network using 4G or 5G technology, that can supply the reliable coverage, capacity and low latency to support business critical systems and applications.

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Warehouse with automated robot carriers
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Designing dedicated business communications

Our suite of software tools enables RF Designers and Planners to design 5G private network that comply with delivering targeted coverage and capacity to an approved area. The ability to design and deploy both indoor and outdoor private wireless networks in one tool has proven to be very valuable for environments such as campuses, airports, warehouses and shipping ports.

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Customer value

  • Design indoor and outdoor wireless networks in one platform
  • 3D network predictions visualise your targeted coverage to ensure you comply with your private network licence 
  • Ranplan's optimisation modules deliver enhanced levels of network design automation
  • Compare network solutions such as DAS and small cell
  • Compare the performance and cost of network components from different vendors
  • Estimate CAPEX/OPEX and TCO to determine the appropriate long-term solution

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Laptop with 5G private network in-building visual on screen