Outdoor Networks

Improving outdoor capacity

In the fast-paced world of mobile networks, operators are constantly striving to keep up with subscriber demands. Operators are turning to innovative solutions as subscriber expectations evolve from mere coverage to a seamless high-quality experience.

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Enabling sustainable smart cities

Outdoor wireless networks form the digital foundation of smart cities, enabling innovative applications like intelligent transportation systems, environmental monitoring, and efficient public services. These applications rely on the IoT ecosystem to connect and transmit data from outdoor sensors and devices, providing valuable insights into traffic patterns, environmental conditions, and resource management. This data-driven approach fosters sustainable urban development and informed decision-making.

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Delivering connectivity for millions

Densely populated urban environments exhibit immense connectivity demands, reflecting the high concentration of residents, workers, and visitors. The reliance on outdoor connectivity extends to public spaces, stadiums, and tourist destinations, where large crowds expect seamless internet access. These settings require extensive outdoor network infrastructure to support the connectivity needs of millions of people simultaneously. Meeting these requirements entails a substantial investment in network capacity and technology to ensure uninterrupted communication, data access, and the successful implementation of smart city initiatives.

How can Ranplan help you design an outdoor urban wireless network?

Ranplan's cutting-edge wireless network planning software offers an all-encompassing solution for designing and optimizing your wireless network. Discover a multitude of exceptional features that will transform your network planning experience:

  • 3D Modelling: Harness the power of our software to create a comprehensive 3D model of your entire environment, allowing you to effortlessly strategize and enhance your urban outdoor wireless network.

  • Geographic information: Speed up the process of modelling the outdoor environment by easily importing geo-data, including buildings, terrain, foliage, and clutter, from leading Geographic Information Systems.

  • Network Design: By taking advantage of our wide range of devices, components, and cabling options, you can easily compare different manufacturers and configurations. This ensures that your wireless network not only meets your specific performance needs but also stays within your budget limitations.


  • Intelligent Automation: Our state-of-the-art automated modules streamline and optimize the network design process, leading to substantial time savings and maximizing the performance of your network.

  • Signal Propagation Simulations: Our cutting-edge software utilizes state-of-the-art 3D ray-tracing simulations to provide you with a comprehensive grasp of your network's coverage and capacity strengths and limitations. These simulations also guarantee compliance with local licensing regulations for your outdoor network.

  • Customizable Reporting: Our software provides tailored reports to facilitate efficient project management, seamless deployment planning, and real-time updates, guaranteeing that you remain well-informed about every facet of your network's performance.

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Future-proofing outdoor networks

With the exponential increase in data consumption and the constant rise in the number of connected devices, existing outdoor cellular networks are under immense strain. However, the accuracy and precision offered by network planning software ensure that outdoor networks are designed and optimized to effectively handle the surges in data consumption. It's not just about meeting the demands of today; it's about future-proofing your network against the relentless growth in data consumption and device connectivity, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted experience for your subscribers.


Design tailored outdoor network solutions for specific environments:


Discover how Ranplan Professional can help you achieve accurate network design and significant cost savings.

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