Radio propagation modelling in the era of Artificial Intellegence

Published on August 14th 2023
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Are you ready to explore the future of Radio Propagation Modelling?

Connectivity has become a fundamental part of business operations and social interactions, and the need for accurate and efficient radio propagation modelling has never been more critical. Radio propagation modelling serves as the bedrock for designing, optimising, and maintaining wireless networks. It enables engineers to predict how electromagnetic waves propagate through various environments, such as urban areas, buildings, and even tunnels. This predictive capability is essential for ensuring optimal signal coverage, minimizing interference, and maximizing data throughput. Without accurate propagation models, network deployments would be plagued by blind spots, dead zones, and suboptimal performance, leading to frustrated users, operational downtime and compromised network efficiency. In the era of 5G and beyond, where networks are becoming increasingly complex and diverse, radio propagation modelling remains an indispensable tool for delivering seamless and robust wireless connectivity to users and businesses around the world.

In this comprehensive white paper, Ranplan’s leading researchers Stefanos Bakirtzis and Jie Zhang demonstrate their exploration into the fusion of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms with traditional propagation models and how this powerful combination will reshape the method of wireless network planning for better performance and efficiency.

Uncover the innovative work Ranplan Wireless is doing in the realm of AI-driven propagation models. Download the white paper to gain early insights into our proprietary model, Electromagnetic DeepRay (EM DeepRay), and how it blends deep learning with ray tracing for remarkable results at unprecedented speed.

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