5G Network Planning

Published on February 18th 2019

5G is the next generation of wireless networks that will revolutionise the connected experience. They key to deploying these complex networks effectively and efficiently so that they deliver faster download speeds, lower and smoother latency and ultra-reliable connectivity is to ensure that the correct tools are used at the outset.

In this whitepaper, Professor Zhang highlights the new services, applications and use cases that will be made available in the 5G era, and discusses in detail the key technologies – mmWave, Massive MIMO, 3D beamforming, required to accurately plan and deploy 5G New Radio (NR) networks. The paper also examines the need to consider the operating environment and explores how a true 3D ray-tracing/launching propagation engine can be used to accurately plan coverage and capacity. It concludes by presenting three case studies showcasing the application of Ranplan Professional®, the world’s first integrated 5G NR HetNet planning platform, as the new standard in planning ultra-reliable 5G networks.

Summary of Content

  1. 5G new radio
  2. 5G NR standardisation and deployment timeframes
    1. Key enabling technologies
      1. Millimetre wave (mmWave)
      2. Ultra-dense small cell and heterogeneous network (HetNet) deployments
      3. Massive MIMO
      4. Beamforming (3D)
    2. 5G NR operating environment modelling
      1. Geographic information system (GIS)
      2. 3D building models
      3. Integrating outdoor GIS and indoor 3D
        building models
    3. 5G NR system modelling
    4. Case Studies
      1. Indoor scenario Fixed wireless access (FWA)
      2. Outdoor urban HetNet deployment
      3. Stadium

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Ranplan professional Stadium mockup on laptop screen

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