Ranplan Collaboration Hub

Efficiently manage your network design projects

Ranplan Collaboration Hub is a cloud-based, easy to use project management and workflow tool that allows managers and onsite engineers to manage projects in real time, from inception through to deployment and maintenance.

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A virtual environment for network project management

Collaboration Hub (C-HUB) provides a centralised, cloud-based repository where users can securely create, retrieve and visualise network designs alongside project stakeholders. With workflow management, project auditing, 2D/3D visualisation and radio propagation simulation, C-HUB offers a virtual environment fostering a holistic approach to complete network project lifecycle management.

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Visualise and validate your projects

Gain a realistic view of an in-building project in its outdoor environment with sharp satellite imagery for improved situational awareness. The Collaboration Hub provides users with high quality 2D and 3D views of a planned in-building network system design and enables them to run advanced propagation simulations to predict in-building network performance while taking into account the outdoor environment. 

  • High definition 2D and 3D visualisation of building model and system design
  • Quick identification of network not-spots with 2D and 3D heatmaps
  • Run simulations faster in the cloud than on a desktop computer
  • Seamless interoperability with Ranplan Professional, In-Building, In-Building Lite and Tablet
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Streamline workflow management and improve team collaboration

Ensure managers are in control of complex, fast-paced projects with a distributed workforce. Keep teams aligned to the overall project objectives by using one platform to monitor costs, allocate resources and make sure the project is delivered on time and on budget. The workflow management function within Collaboration Hub identifies all the milestones and stages in a project and highlights the current status in red for easy viewing. 

  • Workflow control management for multiple projects
  • Easy file sharing to enable collaboration between different team members
  • Sync a project from the cloud
  • Asset management of network equipment
  • Automatic project modification and history tracking
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Instant actionable insight

Track progress in real-time and identify issues that are likely to affect project milestones so you can take preventative action. The Collaboration Hub removes the time-consuming task of manually generating reports by providing dashboard and customised reports which populate with up-to-the minute project information, straight from the platform. 

  • Customised reports and dashboards with populated with real-time information
  • Managers can quickly view operational status of a project
  • Users can access reports through the dashboard based on the permission set for their type of role or user group
  • Multi-lingual reporting with the option to export in common formats.

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Ranplan Collaboration Hub frequently asked questions

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Can Ranplan Collaboration Hub be hosted on-premise?

Yes, Ranplan Collaboration Hub can be hosed on-premise if the hosting hardware and operating system meets the minimum system requirements defined in the Ranplan Collaboration Hub user manual.

Does Ranplan Collaboration Hub support HTTPS?

Yes, the current version of Ranplan Collaboration Hub Supports HTTPS.

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