Webinar - From Scan to Plan

Published on May 21st 2024

Explore the transformative workflow that combines the efficiency of LiDAR scanning with the precision of network planning software. Did you know that up to 60% of wireless network planning time is spent on building modelling? Discover how this streamlined process cuts down days and weeks of work to mere minutes, empowering engineers to focus on crafting optimal wireless networks tailored to specific environments and performance metrics.

Key highlights:
  • LiDAR Scanning with Metaroom: Experience a demonstration of how to effortlessly capture your environment and transform it into a detailed 3D building model using Metaroom's intuitive LiDAR scanning app.

  • Seamless Export from Metaroom Studio: Learn how to get your 3D models after the scan and export them from Metaroom Studio, where you can prepare your building model for importing. 

  • Smooth Import into Ranplan: Discover the frictionless import process between Metaroom and Ranplan as we demonstrate how to import your 3D building model into Ranplan's comprehensive network planning software.

  • Powerful Wireless Network Design: Explore Ranplan's comprehensive features for designing wireless networks, from adding access points and antennas to precisely calculating radio propagation.

  • Accelerating Network Planning: Uncover the benefits of this unified solution that not only accurately creates building models with LiDAR scanning but also harnesses Ranplan's open format compatibility and automation tools for swift and precise network optimization.

Who would benefit from this webinar?
  • Network Planners & Engineers
  • Architects & Building Designers
  • Telecom Professionals
  • Technology Leads within Enterprise companies
  • Real Estate Developers

Bid farewell to laborious building modelling as we introduce you to the efficiency of IFC imports.

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