Frequently asked questions

If the maximum number of machines has been reached when using Ranplan’s floating license, is it possible to change one machine (or more) with a new one(s)?

Yes, this is possible. The end client can submit a ‘machine change request’ to Ranplan’s support team to update the list of registered machines in the license pool.

Is there any limitation on the number of machine change requests?

The allowed number of free machine change is two requests. For further requests, there might be some extra charges required.

Does Ranplan support Empirical Propagation Models for Indoor and Outdoor?

Currently the main Propagation Engine in Ranplan Products is a pure 3D Ray Tracing Propagation models for both Indoor and Outdoor scenarios. In the product roadmap, some empirical propagation models will be added such as “Extended-Hata (Sub 6GHz)” and “Extended-Hata (mmWaves)”, this will give Ranplan users the ability to choose the propagation engine that works well with the scenario (Technology, Freq Band, Environment, etc.) they want to predict.

Does Ranplan support ‘Path Loss Exponent-Based’ quick predictions?

Path Loss Exponent-Based’ quick predictions are supported in Ranplan Tablet to generate quick predictions based on pre-defined zones/environments. The feature is not supported currently in Ranplan Professional/In-Building, however it’s considered in our product roadmap.

Where can I find the latest updated devices?

In Ranplan, all devices exist in one centralized platform which is the Device Hub. You can search & download all available up-to-date devices.

How can I access the device hub?

You can access the device hub using the following link, use your username and password created by Ranplan support team to login. If you do not have an account on Device Hub, please contact Global Support team at for further help.

Can I create devices in Ranplan?

Yes, you can create your own devices in the device hub. There also exists ready templates that can be used to make the creation process easier. After you finish the devices creation you apply for the approval process where Ranplan team will do a sanity check and publish your created devices. You can also choose your devices access type (private/public) according to your preference.

How can I access private devices?

Through the Device Hub, the end-user can select the required devices and apply for full specification, a request will be sent to the OEM. The OEM has the right to approve or decline your request. After approval you will be able to navigate/download the private requested devices

Is it possible to have the list of all devices available in Ranplan?

Through the Device Hub, you can export all available devices in excel format where you can find details about part number, description, manufacturer ...etc.

Can I change the cable height the building elements in Ranplan Professional?

Yes, Ranplan Professional users have the ability of change cable height and make cables follow devices height.

Does Ranplan Device Database includes digital DAS solutions?

Yes, Ranplan Device Hub platform includes the up-to-date Digital DAS solutions devices and modules such as CommScope Era, SOLiD Genesis, JMA XRAN, etc.).  These solutions have been modelled and designed by Ranplan Database team in collaboration with the global OEMs and IBS solutions providers. 

Does Ranplan Device DB include OpenRAN devices?

Yes, Ranplan Device Hub platform contains many neutral devices having an interoperability standard for RAN elements. Network operators or System Integrator which work with RAN elements and standard interfaces (e.g. Open RAN devices) can use Ranplan Solutions to do any system or network design they want. 

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