Webinar - Planning Public Safety Networks

Published on June 14th 2023
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Ensuring Reliable Communication During Emergencies.

Public safety organisations rely on wireless communication networks to coordinate and respond to emergencies quickly and effectively. However, planning and designing a reliable public safety wireless network can be complex and challenging. This webinar aims to provide insights into the consideration of planning public safety wireless networks and discuss the best practices for designing a robust communication system using advanced network planning software.


  • Glance back at the CCW 2023 in Helsinki

  • Motivation for Public Safety and Mission Critical Systems

  • The role of network planning software

  • Challenges for RF Designers relying on Wireless Network Design Software

  • How Ranplan addresses these challenges

  • ConnectCom – MCX network design and experience with network planning software

  • Q&A

Presented by Jan Zdrahal and Claude Dupont 

Jan and Claude

Left to right - Cluade Dupont, Jan Zdrahal

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