Webinar - Private Network Design

Published on December 17th 2021
Webinar Private Network Design

Webinar: Learn how to design private 5G and LTE networks quickly and easily with Ranplan

A private LTE campus design from floor plan to final design in 30mins!

Private wireless presents the industry with many opportunities and challenges. Its advent furthers the proliferation of 5GNR and acts as an accelerator for digital transformation in industrial IoT applications. These networks must now operate consistently within extremely complex environments and serve a much more diverse range of end user applications and devices than traditional connectivity systems.


  • Ranplan - Who we are and what we do

  • How we innovate and automate

  • Why people are choosing Ranplan

  • What is “Private Wireless”?

  • Emerging use cases for Private Wireless networks

  • Opportunities and challenges for Private Wireless

  • Learning points from private LTE and 5GNR designs globally

  • Live demonstration: Private LTE campus project build out!

Would you like to find out more about designing private mobile networks in Ranplan Professional?

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Laptop with 5G private network in-building visual on screen

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