Planning Sustainable Networks: Go Green with Ranplan

Published on 31st October 2023
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Cambridge, UK, 31 October 2023 – Ranplan Wireless, a leading developer of software for wireless network planning, today announced new features to its software suite that empower businesses to embrace sustainability while optimizing network performance and preparing for the 6G era.

Energy Consumption Planning: Building a Greener Tomorrow

In an era where sustainability takes centre stage across all industries, Ranplan is committed to supporting the green movement with its network planning software. Designed to help businesses create eco-friendly wireless networks, the software is the first to allow users to build comprehensive energy consumption projections for their networks from device, core network, and cooling system energy data.

“Ranplan 6.9 has the unique ability to predict energy consumption distribution across different time periods by utilising user load distribution profiles tailored to specific scenarios,” comments Per Lindberg, CEO of Ranplan Group. “Whether it's for offices, train stations, stadiums, hotels, or other environments, users can gain unprecedented insights into their network's energy consumption. This valuable information empowers businesses to make informed decisions to optimise efficiency and reduce their network's carbon footprint.”


Effortless 3D Building Modelling: Accelerating Network Planning

Ranplan is also excited to introduce a progressive feature that eliminates the need to repeat time-consuming building modelling by allowing users to import Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) files from any Building Information Modelling (BIM) authoring software with ease. Compatible with software like Revit, Edificius, ArchiCAD, EdiLus®, SketchUp®, VectorWorks®, Rhino®, and Tekla®, this feature enables users to import detailed 3D building models with all the essential project information in a single click.

“This lightning-fast building modelling approach liberates engineers from tedious tasks, enabling them to focus their time on network system planning and optimization, thus accelerating project timelines and boosting overall efficiency,” adds Per Lindberg, CEO of Ranplan Group.


Prepare for 6G with Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Modelling

Ranplan continues to lead the industry by helping businesses prepare for the forthcoming 6G era. The software now boasts new device modelling capabilities for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS). Users can explore the impact of RIS on their network designs through 3D simulations of manipulated wireless signals, resulting in enhanced signal strength, coverage, and network capacity.

“This innovation facilitates effective planning for RIS, overcoming signal propagation challenges associated with deploying systems in the millimetre-wave frequencies. By staying ahead of the 6G curve, Ranplan users can ensure their networks are ready for the next generation of wireless technology,” concludes Per Lindberg, CEO of Ranplan Group.

With these groundbreaking enhancements, Ranplan reaffirms its commitment to providing cutting-edge network planning solutions that prioritise sustainability, efficiency, and future readiness.

To find out more about the latest software release, click the link below.

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About Ranplan Wireless
Ranplan Wireless pioneer software solutions that help perfect the design, optimisation and automation of in-building and urban outdoor wireless networks, either in isolation or in coordination. Our solutions enable an ecosystem of companies to deploy next-generation wireless networks for a range of applications, supporting multiple technologies such as 4G LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, IoT, TETRA and P25, providing end users with an unmatched quality of experience.

Ranplan Wireless is a subsidiary of Ranplan Group AB (Nasdaq First North: RPLAN) whose head office is in Stockholm, Sweden. The group operates out of offices in the UK, USA and China.

Ranplan 6.9 release is now available! Our latest software release will empower businesses to embrace sustainability while optimising network performance and preparing for the 6G era.

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