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Ranplan Wireless Previews Network Planning Feature for Ultra-Reliable, Low Latency Applications

Published on February 16th 2023
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Cambridge, UK, 16 February 2023 – Ranplan Wireless, pioneer of 5G HetNet wireless network planning software, announces it will preview an end-to-end network latency and reliability planning feature from its upcoming Q2 release at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

To facilitate the real-time control and automation of dynamic robotic processes that deliver scalable operational efficiencies for Enterprises, a private 5G wireless network with very high reliability and low end-to-end latency is required.

Ranplan’s Ultra-Reliable, Low Latency (URLL) feature enables Design Engineers to simulate the delay and reliability of an end-to-end radio access network. By evaluating network service performance indicators, such as 0.5ms latency and 99.999% reliability, the user can establish if the network can meet the latency and reliability requirements of specific use cases.

Using the defined wireless coverage area of the 3D-modelled environment in Ranplan Professional, the network latency is calculated as the sum of delays related to radio propagation, semiconductor components and wired links of the whole path for a variety of network topologies (degrees of edge computing). The network reliability is determined by simulating the wireless channel environment and the success probability of delivering the service within the required time.

Developed with mission and business-critical communications in mind, the upcoming release focuses on equipping customers with the software tools to optimise network latency, reduce network interference and verify network redundancy.

“One design does not fit all. With the assistance of Ranplan’s planning, optimisation and simulation software, users can accurately replicate any unique environment and tailor the network design to meet the key performance metrics (coverage, throughput, latency, redundancy) of specific use cases. For example, a highly automated factory floor/warehouse run by Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and drones would typically require an end-to-end network latency under 20 milliseconds. By increasing the precision at the design phase, the risk of costly errors and delays during deployment or operational stages is diminished,” commented Per Lindberg, CEO of Ranplan Group. “Ranplan Professional has been recognised by several Japanese Enterprises as the most proficient network planning solution for designing and optimising local private 5G wireless networks, as demonstrated in this case study - 5G Private Wireless network design for a Smart Factory.”

Ranplan Wireless will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in Hall 7, Stand 7H10. Meetings can be booked via our MWC page.

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