Metaroom IFC import to Raplan Pro video

Published on February 14th 2024
Importing a building scan from liDAR metaroom

Discover the incredible speed and efficiency of 3D building modelling with Metaroom by Amrax®. This groundbreaking technology allows for the seamless integration of 3D LiDAR scanned buildings into our network planning software. Watch the video to witness firsthand how this advanced tool revolutionizes the process of designing and optimizing  wireless network deployments.

Key benefits of the collaboration between Ranplan and Amrax®:  
  • Time Efficiency: Metaroom® eliminates the need for tedious drawings and CAD imports, ensuring a streamlined process and saving valuable time in the critical planning phase.
  • Future of 3D Modeling: Representing the future of modelling the physical environment, Metaroom® sets a new benchmark for the industry by offering fast and precise 3D scanning.
  • Seamless Data Transfer: The optimized .ifc format ensures a seamless data transfer between Metaroom® and Ranplan Wireless, enhancing the overall user experience and operational efficiency. 

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