Scanning your building in 3D

Ranplan has collaborated with Metaroom by Amrax® to enable the seamless transfer of 3D LiDAR scanned buildings into our advanced network planning software. Together, we prioritize delivering a solution that emphasises efficiency and simplicity in building modelling for wireless connectivity planning.

liDAR import on screen
Office building
core network optical
liDAR import on screen

Streamlined Time Management

Experience optimized time management as Ranplan effortlessly incorporates 3D building scans from Metaroom®, eliminating the need for laborious drawings and CAD imports.

Rapid 3D Modelling Advancements

Leverage the swift and accurate scanning capabilities of the Metaroom® app, importing intricate building details, materials, and even furniture through Ranplan’s support for the open file format, IFC.

laptop liDAR sreenshot building Scan

Seamless Data Transfer

Elevate your user experience and operational efficiency with this cohesive workflow, simplifying the creation of your 3D modelled environment and navigation through your network planning tasks with precision.

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Importing Metaroom® scans into Ranplan

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