Ranplan and Marubun’s partnership enables local 5G network for Japanese Smart Factory

Published on 28th February 2022

Cambridge, UK, 28 February 2022 – Ranplan Wireless, an independent developer of software tools for wireless network design and optimisation with unique capability to holistically simulate the indoor and outdoor environment in full coordination, announces that its flagship product Ranplan Professional software has been used to plan and perfect a 5G Private Wireless Network design for a Smart Factory in Japan.

Ranplan Wireless’ partnership with its local strategic partner Marubun has enabled Sumitomo Shoji Machinex which was responsible for network design, to quickly create a 3D model and visualize the entire factory, including machinery and equipment in the verification experiment conducted by Sumitomo Corporation. In this project all structures were assigned material information from Ranplan’s library to accurately depict the impact on RF propagation, noting that physical objects naturally reflect or diffract wireless signals.

interior and exterior of factory

Image: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (latter half) FY2020 L5G Development Demonstration Report_No7\Automating Visual Inspection and Remotely Confirming Quality P136 - link

The 3D RF propagation simulations of the 20,000 square metre Smart Factory provided significant advantages when determining the number of base stations required, the preferred locations and the appropriate antenna tilt, with proper attention paid to vital restrictions on where the base stations could be installed.

slide-4--heatmapsImages: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (latter half) FY2020 L5G Development Demonstration Report_No7\Automating Visual Inspection and Remotely Confirming Quality P140 - link

“With the advent of smart factories, we have witnessed significant growth and uptake of private 5G services in the Japanese manufacturing sector. Ranplan Professional provides our customers with an all-in-one independent network planning platform which is leading the way companies design and maintain their local 5G networks,” commented Miyamoto, Information and Communication Team, Marubun. “The ability to precisely model the unique environments and optimise the network designs with the use of 3D RF simulations and productivity-enhancing automation tools has delivered and will continue to deliver substantial time and cost savings for our customers.”

“We are pleased to witness complex projects such as Sumitomo Corporation’s Smart Factory being successfully completed using Ranplan’s HetNet platform,” remarked Jon Ullmark, Chief Strategy Officer, Ranplan Wireless. “At a time when Japan’s quality-minded and highly sophisticated community of enterprises adopt Local 5G to build, maintain and operate dedicated wireless networks tailor-made for amongst others machine-to-machine communications, the need for an intuitive and reliable network planning tool is vital to ensuring the realisation of 5G’s full potential”

About Marubun
As the first company to introduce integrated circuits to Japan, we have been striving to provide advanced products, information, and services in the industrial and R&D fields based on electronics technology. Today, we operate in the field of advanced electronics, including semiconductors, electronic components, and electronic applied equipment, with approximately 50 bases around the world, providing products and services from more than 500 suppliers to more than 3,000 customers.

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Ranplan Wireless pioneers software solutions that help perfect the design, optimisation and automation of in-building and urban outdoor wireless networks, either in isolation or in coordination. Our solutions enable an ecosystem of companies to deploy next generation wireless networks for a range of applications, supporting multiple technologies such as 4G LTE, 5G, Wi Fi, IoT, TETRA and P25, providing end users with an unmatched quality of experience.

Ranplan Wireless is a subsidiary of Ranplan Group AB (Nasdaq First North: RPLAN) whose head office is in Stockholm, Sweden. The group operates out of offices in the UK, USA and China.

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