Webinar - Discover automatic network design optimisation

Published on July 20th 2021
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New levels of automation

With automated optimisation tools that can factor in multiple parameters and run tens of thousands of calculations, you will not only increase the accuracy of your design, but you will achieve it exponentially faster.

Learn tips and advice on how best to utilise the leading-edge capabilities of the new features in the Ranplan 6.4 release. 


  • Who is Ranplan Wireless?
  • Wireless network design process
  • Wireless network system structures
  • Macro outdoor versus in-building design
  • Automatic optimization of WNS and key factors
  • Ranplan intelligent optimization processes
  • Automatic cell optimizer in Ranplan 6.4
  • Use Case 1: 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Wi-Fi indoor AP network automatic design
  • Use Case 2: Indoor 5G small cell automatic design considering macro signal interference
  • Q & A

Get in touch to find out how Ranplan software solutions can help you increase your network design productivity by 50%

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