5G URLLC Network System Design

Published on June 14th 2023

Simulate Ultra-Reliability, Low-Latency Communications

The following video shows how RF planners can simulate Ultra-Reliability, Low-Latency Communications in Ranplan Professional.

  • To facilitate the real-time control and automation of dynamic robotic processes that deliver scalable operational efficiencies for Enterprises, a private 5G wireless network with very high reliability and low end-to-end latency is required.
  • Ranplan’s Ultra-Reliable, Low Latency Communication (URLLC) feature enables Design Engineers to simulate the delay and reliability of an end-to-end radio access network.
  • By evaluating the network service performance indicators, such as 0.5ms latency and 99.999% reliability, the user can establish if the network will meet the latency and reliability requirements of specific use cases.

Ranplan 6.8 release is now available! Delivering new 3D heatmap simulations and calculation reports to help you proficiently optimise the quality and reliability of your designed network.

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