Modelling 3D Tunnel Structures in Ranplan 6.7

Published on November 23rd 2022

Modelling 3D Tunnel Structures in Ranplan 6.7

The following video shows how RF planners can model 3D tunnel structures in Ranplan Professional 6.7. 

  • Save valuable design time by importing 3D mesh models of famous buildings, standard building objects, or uniquely modelled objects from a dedicated tool. Ranplan can support imports from .obj and .stl files.
  • Often there is the consideration for permanent structures however with the insertion of 3D objects such as trains, cars and appliances, you can consider the real-world scenario with common objects in place. Each object can be assigned the correct materials to factor in the RF propagation analysis.
  • Enhancements to the tunnel modelling allow for horizontal and vertical profiling to replicate the tunnel precisely (e.g. tunnels going underground).

This new feature is part of the Ranplan Professional 6.7 release.

Ranplan 6.8 release is now available! Delivering new 3D heatmap simulations and calculation reports to help you proficiently optimise the quality and reliability of your designed network.

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