Antenna Isolation Analysis

Published on May 30th 2023
failure analysis screen

Antenna Isolation Analysis in Ranplan 6.8

The following video shows how RF planners can test Antenna Isolation in Ranplan Professional 6.8. 

  • When network failures occur, it can be frustrating for end users, but it is extremely problematic for public safety communications.
  • In Ranplan 6.8 you can simulate what-if scenarios by setting cables and devices to simulate failures. The impact on the network coverage is displayed on the heatmap.
  • Using these quick calculations, you can adjust and validate the network configuration to ensure minimum coverage is always achievable.

This new feature is part of the Ranplan Professional 6.8 release.

Ranplan 6.8 release is now available! Delivering new 3D heatmap simulations and calculation reports to help you proficiently optimise the quality and reliability of your designed network.

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failure analysis screen

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