Webinar: Capitalize on the Benefits of CBRS Based Private-LTE

Published on 12th October 2020

Deploying a Private-LTE network over CBRS is becoming a viable option for Real Estate owners for connectivity, amenities, security or other items that require consistent network performance and reliability. Join Rich Berliner, along with experts from Communication Technology Services (CTS) and Ranplan Wireless, as they discuss key factors one needs to consider when seeking to capitalize on the benefits that it can offer.

This presentation will also break down the main components of CBRS and provide a review of CBRS-Private LTE Networks. They will highlight examples from their recent whitepaper "Understanding CBRS Based Private LTE Networks," addressing urban campus, stadium and hotel use cases to best achieve accurate modelling and simulation when considering such a network for commercial use. Learn what top Real Estate leaders are saying about this gift from the Government for Real Estate.

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