Advanced Course

Enhance your skills and optimise your designs

The Advanced course is for experienced RF engineers looking to increase their skill-sets in creating HetNet designs, and performing network optimisation and capacity analysis. In addition, explore the design methods of MIMO theory and 5G NR networks.

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What will the course cover?

  • Designing a HetNet system
  • Optimising a network using automation
  • Generating wireless network simulations for capacity analysis
  • Practical design of a DAS (stadium, tunnel, high rise building)
  • Planning MIMO and 5G NR networks
Ranplan Collboration hub screen visual

What are the learning outcomes?

This course will equip you with skills to:

  • Design complex HetNets for a range of scenarios and applications in the 5G era.
  • Optimise complex networks for automation so that they can self regulate.
  • Design networks for a rapidly evolving digital landscape that interoperate with legacy systems.

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