Investors FAQs

On what stock market is Ranplan listed?

Ranplan Group AB is listed on the Swedish Nasdaq First North market.

When was the IPO?

The company listed on 28th June 2018.

What is the Ranplan ticker symbol?

The company’s ticker symbol is RPLAN and ISIN number SE0011178201.

What is the current share price?

Please visit the Share Performance.

How do I buy shares in Ranplan?

To buy shares in Ranplan Group AB, contact your bank or stockbroker. Ranplan is listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm Sweden, trading with the ticker RPLAN, ISIN: SE0011178201.

Who should I contact to register my shares?

To register your share in your own name, please contact your broker or fund manager.

Does Ranplan pay a dividend?

At the moment the company is focused on growth and so shareholders should not expect to receive any, or very low, dividends over the next few years.

How can I contact Ranplan Investor Relations?

Investors can email us at Alternatively, questions can be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer

Where are the Ranplan group of companies located?

The parent headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden. We also have operational offices in the US, UK and China. For more information, please visit the Contact page.

When is the next report due?

Visit our financial calendar to find all the dates of our upcoming reports.