Webinar - Achieving greater 5G NR modelling accuracy with Ranplan 6.1

Published on July 16th 2020
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Ranplan 6.1 is packed with many new and enhanced features to empower the user to address the ever more complex engineering challenges presented by 5G New Radio (NR).

The dynamic nature of 5G NR networks calls for a new generation of tools that can enable customisation of the 5G framework to take into account various environmental factors to meet specific user demand.

Learn more how Ranplan’s comprehensive, network planning, management and visualisation platform can help you model and simulate 5G New Radio (NR) network infrastructure and performance with ever greater accuracy.


  • Modelling New Radio (NR) in the 5G era
  • Customisable 5G NR Framework Infrastructure
  • Channel & RS power modelling
  • 5G NR uplink and downlink throughput calculation  for MIMO
  • Massive MIMO beamforming and interference modelling
  • Propagation modelling in full 3D
  • Foliage and terrain calculation
  • Support for V-RAN in 5G (NR) HetNet world

Discover how Ranplan Professional can help you achieve superior networks design and significant cost savings

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