Our customers share their Ranplan highlights

We enjoy learning about our customers' experience with Ranplan software because this empowers us continue developing the most powerful network planning software with the users requirements in mind. Read what our talented community of Ranplanners has to say about the software and the company behind it. 

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“Providing reliable connectivity that meets our customer's needs in the Enterprise Industry with the most challenging environments requires partnering with the best-in-class and high-quality solutions vendors like Ranplan Professional which speeds up our planning processes for Private 4G/5G Networks. For business-critical Private Networks, Ranplan’s accuracy has been a major advantage.”
Timo Mäkelä
Senior Radio Engineer, EDZCOM
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“The only thing I like better than the speed at which I can complete designs with Ranplan is the support I receive with timely responses from courteous and knowledgeable people.”
Edward Ridley
Staff Systems Engineer, CommScope
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“Ranplan Professional’s ability to accurately simulate the network as a whole rather than cell by cell helped us to optimise the overall performance.”
Amr Albanna
CEO, Omega Wireless
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“In today’s competitive market it’s often a misconception that you have to compromise on quality or time when preparing an indoor wireless design, but Ranplan assures both quality and efficiency. So there is no compromise at all, on anything.”
Brijesh Panchal
System Engineer, Maven Wireless
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“Freshwave have been delighted by the relationship with Ranplan. They are a flexible, responsive team and our engineers love their user interface and enhanced functionality. They've helped us deliver expert designs for hundreds of customer sites.”
Tom Bennett
CTO, Freshwave
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“Ranplan Professional will help us design our indoor networks in offices, shopping malls, underground rail systems, stadia and many other facilities and will enable us to keep pace with growing coverage needs and all the complexities that come with 5G and the Internet of Things”
Dr. Robert Joyce
Ooredoo Group Head of Radio Access Technology
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“Ranplan Professional is used intensively by Media Broadcast. The fast and easy 3D building modelling is to be emphasised. The integrated material database defines the physical properties of the building substance. A picture is worth a thousand words. The presentation of the common KPIs gives our customers a comprehensible impression, e.g. the planned coverage”
Paul Weiss
Media Broadcast
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“We were able to complete this large, complex project in less than 2 weeks and demonstrate how to meet required indoor coverage KPIs with significantly reduced CAPEX.”
Genrikh Bakhman
Senior Wireless Architect, Rostelecom South
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“Ranplan offers an immediate benefit to our clients with its all-in-one network design solution with support for emerging technologies 4G/5G/IoT/Wi-Fi 6 and for mission critical applications. At BESCom we see Ranplan as a valuable addition for our customers as well as our strategy.”
Faouzi Takni
CEO, BESCom Elektronik GmbH
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